Thanks to the green mermaid and the constant need for a rainy day pick-me-up, Seattle is one of the world’s top coffee cities. But coming from a city with a nice ripe coffee scene, I know we can get rather attached to our favorite coffee places. So I planned my own Seattle coffee tour to bring you this guide with a twist: Seattle’s best coffee…according to a tourist.

3 days. 2 coffee hunters. 1,292 coffee shops (after taking away the 400+ Starbucks outlets). Whoa. As a tourist, I obviously couldn’t visit them all. After cross-checking recommendations from The Stranger, Eater, Thrillist, and Sprudge, I had a handful of must-visit coffee shops around downtown and central Seattle. This gave James and I enough time to still actually explore attractions like Pike Place Market, eat actual food, and throw in some impromptu tastings!

Our haul of beans from Seattle's best coffee places

In most cases we had the standard cappuccino, but besides taste, we also rated each coffee shop by how friendly/knowledgeable the baristas were and the overall ambiance since we’re tourists as well as coffee geeks. We were a little disappointed by the nearly ubiquitous pulling of double shots instead of singles, but apparently that’s West Coast coffee culture for you.

Here’s my take on the best coffee places in Seattle – you can also jump to the map.

So that’s it: a handful of Seattle’s best coffee shops and what I thought of them. If you’d like to go on your own Seattle coffee tour, check out my little map (this is not a walking tour – you’ll have to take public transport at some point.) Are you a specialty coffee geek? What’s your favorite coffee place in Seattle?

Additional photos (not attributed above): James Tan

#Seattle has a gazillion (okay, over 1,200) coffee shops. These are the best ones to hit if you're a visiting #coffee geek with limited time!

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