Hello, I’m Brooke.

I’m a travel writer from Singapore, a country that by its very nature breeds a yearning for travel.

In 2013, after quitting a full-time job in startup marketing, I embarked on my first solo backpacking trip. I’ve got a predilection for far-flung places and when not on assignment, slow travel is my favorite way to immerse myself in the local experience. Fortunately, I have a supportive family who doesn’t fret too much about where I roam so I’ve seen the Northern Lights, volunteered in rural Kenya, and gone shutter-happy in North Korea!

Roamscapes is an experiential, sometimes offbeat, travel blog for the explorer venturing beyond the tried-and-true.

At the Singapore Writer's Festival, 2014

My experience has stood me in good stead as a freelance writer and content strategist, and I’ve been very fortunate to work with great editors and travel organizations from around the world.

I hope that you’ll be inspired by the stories I share here. If you’d like to work together or leave a message, just email me as a real person.