Travel is more than a discovery of places – it’s a way to get different perspectives. Roamscapes believes that whether you choose to dip your toes in or deep-dive on each trip, you can always find cool cultural experiences, unique local stories, and inspiration to live a richer life.

Roamscapes is a travel blog run by Brooke Thio. Launched with a fresh angle in 2017, the site speaks to a global audience of culturally curious independent travelers, with the goal of making travel more meaningful even on short trips. We don’t just cover destinations, accommodations, and tours – we also uncover the insider stories of people who welcome us into their lives.

Brooke at the 2014 Singapore Writer's Festival

Brooke quit her job in startup marketing in 2013 to embark on her first solo backpacking trip and freelance writing career. With a predilection for far-flung places, the Singaporean has since seen the northern lights, volunteered in rural Kenya, captured glimpses of life in North Korea, and learned about eagle hunters in western Mongolia. Her writing and photography has been published in escape!, Lonely Planet Magazine (Asia), Asian Journeys, and more.

Slow travel is Brooke’s favorite way to immerse herself in the local experience and as an aspiring polyglot, she can usually be found wading through markets, practicing the local tongue.

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Are you a brand or a destination with a story to tell? I’d love to help you tell it with articles and photos that enthrall and inspire readers. Reviews, media trips, and sponsored content are always disclosed to show your authenticity and support.

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