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Jet-setting with Mileslife: A Must-Have App to Earn Airline Miles in Asia

Jet-setting with Mileslife: A Must-Have App to Earn Airline Miles in Asia

If you haven’t heard of Mileslife, it’s about time you consider using it to (quite literally) let your travel spending take you further. In this Mileslife app review, I’ll show you how the service worked for me.

I was quite the skeptic when I first heard about the Mileslife app.

“Is this for real?” I asked James, eyebrow raised. He’d sent me an invite code and urged me to try it out, but it sounded too good to be true. “Just try it,” he coaxed. I was going to pay for this little experiment…

What is Mileslife?

In a nutshell, Mileslife is an app that lets you earn airline frequent flyer miles from your usual dining, lifestyle, and travel spending. Eat at a restaurant? Miles. Visit a spa? Miles. Get a portable WiFi router in Japan or visit the DMZ in South Korea? Yep…miiiles. All on top of your usual credit card miles and rewards.

Mileslife app: DMZ tour
I wasn’t kidding about the DMZ tour.

Right now Mileslife’s dining and lifestyle partners are only available in specific cities in Asia: Singapore, Bangkok, Hong Kong, and bigger cities in China. But even if you’re in Europe or the US, you can still use the Mileslife app to purchase attraction tickets and tours for popular tourist destinations in Asia: learn how here!

So, what airlines does Mileslife work with?

Since the Mileslife app is based in Asia, it’s currently partnered with 14 frequent flyer programs, mostly from Asia but also including some from outside the continent. The biggest ones are: All Nippon Airways, British Airways, Emirates, EVA Air, Lufthansa, Qatar Airways, Singapore Airlines, and United Airlines.

Airline frequent flyer programs on Mileslife

If you’re a member of any of these FFPs, you’re all set. If not, well, go sign up for one (or more) of them!

How can you earn miles from Mileslife?

Mileslife helps you earn miles from your everyday lifestyle and travel spending, so it’s not going to hand you enough miles to redeem a plane ticket instantly. However, it goes a long way in building your miles stash because it’s even more generous than most credit cards: it gives, on average, 1-3 miles per dollar spent.

To start off, you should download the Mileslife app using an invite link, like mine:

 Download Mileslife APP Now

Using this link, you’ll get a bonus 1,000 miles when making your first transaction (minimum S$49) on Mileslife.

Disclosure: this is not an affiliate link. I don’t earn money from promoting Mileslife, but I do get 1,000 miles when you complete your first transaction. You’ll get your own referral link too after you’ve signed up, so I’d appreciate if you use this to get your first 1,000 bonus miles!

Once you’re signed up, you’ll need to add your frequent flyer program accounts as well as your credit card details. Why does it need your credit card details? Because all transactions go through the app, as I’ll explain in just a bit.

The best mile-earning deals on Mileslife are the dining deals, which offer 1-3 miles per dollar you spend. I tested this out by visiting The LoKal, a café in Singapore (told you I was going to pay for this!) Here’s what I ended up with:

Mileslife app: earning KrisFlyer miles

Because there was a promotion going on for 2x KrisFlyer miles, I earned 6 miles/dollar on my bill, for a total of 498 miles. (There are always promotions going on with merchants, partner airlines, or credit cards.)

What I really like about the Mileslife app, however, is that their partner merchants aren’t just expensive restaurants. You’ll also find casual eateries off the tourist trail and with a good price range for any budget.

Paying with the Mileslife app is easy-peasy

When it actually came time to foot the bill for my dinner at The LoKal, I expected to have to fumble with some barcode on the Mileslife app, or enter some receipt details into the app, or something similarly bothersome. Instead, the process was surprisingly smooth:

Mileslife app: payment screen

  • Select the restaurant you’re eating at and click “Pay At Store”
  • Enter the bill amount as presented by the waiter/cashier, and pay through the app using the credit card you’ve added
  • Read out to the waiter/cashier the transaction number that appears

Since the payment was made via the Mileslife app, I wondered if the credit card company (in this case, Citibank) would turn it into a non-rewards earning merchant. I’m happy to report that after checking my credit card statement, I did earn my usual reward miles from the S$83 transaction!

More than just dining: book hotels, attraction tickets, and tours across Asia

While the “Local” dining and lifestyle deals offer impressive mileage returns, they are only available in specific cities that the Mileslife app supports. (They’re rapidly expanding though; Bangkok and Hong Kong were added in 2018). However, you can still earn miles from Mileslife when traveling around Asia. Just look at this neat GIF I made! (If you’re on your mobile, scroll further down)

Most of these earn you 1 mile/dollar, with the exception of the luxury hotels on Mileslife (anywhere from 2-9 miles/dollar).

I would not recommend you book hotels through the Mileslife app as you should either work with your preferred hotel loyalty program or through Kaligo (non-affiliate link), which awards up to 10x miles on a much wider range of hotels and airline FFP partners.

Verdict: You can never have too many frequent flyer miles…

The mileage game is quite tough to play in Asia, but Mileslife is now making it easier for leisure travelers. While I used to buy overseas attraction tickets and travel passes from platforms like Klook or directly upon arrival, I’m now more likely to get them through the Mileslife app.

Mileslife on Apple app store

While I’ve yet to encounter any bugs or issues with Mileslife and can’t comment on the quality of customer service, I did get my miles without a hitch and it’s definitely a legitimate business. So download the Mileslife app now to get your bonus 1,000 miles on your first purchase!

Have you tried Mileslife? Share your experience and any other airline miles-boosting tips in the comments!

N.B. This review was done with Singapore as the base city. All prices are in SGD, which means more miles per US dollar.


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