Your big trip is finally here. The one for which you’ve scrimped and saved and pored over dozens of pages in guidebooks and blog posts, researching all the things to see and do. The one you’ve been counting down to for months.

But then you land at your destination, and you’re beat. Your nose is running, your throat is parched, your backpack feels like lead and the locals don’t seem friendly at all. The next day, a full-blown cold hits. What a miserable start to your dream trip!

If you’ve never experienced this (really?!), good for you. On my first-ever solo backpacking trip to Scandinavia, I’d packed warm clothes and heat packs but didn’t realize how important it was to actually prep my body. Traveling to a different country is a wonderful experience for the soul, but a stressful one for our immune system: we’re forced to quickly adapt to different climates, daylight hours, and food. Needless to say, plane rides add to the challenge with filthy cabins, pressurized air, and cramped space.

Luckily, since that first trip (and dozens of flights later), I now practice some simple yet effective habits that help me stay healthy while flying. If you’re that unlucky soul who just can’t sleep on planes or resigned to suffering debilitating jet lag, try these air travel tips. I promise they’ll help.

Stay healthy while flying: Alleviate jet lag with these air travel tips
Jet lag is the last thing you want to get on arrival in a new destination!

1. Boost Your Immunity

To keep my body going strong, I usually pack a tube of effervescent multivitamins and pop one the day before I fly. I recommend Airborne as it includes a natural herb blend and has lots of flavors that taste better than other brands I’ve tried. Plus, fizzies will get you hydrated while adding some zest to plain ol’ water.

2. Sleep

I confess: I’m a habitual last-minute packer. I often start less than 8 hours before leaving for the airport and squeeze in a 3-4 hour nap. This messes up the body especially if you’re taking a morning flight: insufficient sleep affects our body’s temperature-regulating abilities, so I often end up shivering in those chilly airports and planes.

It’s easier said than done, but try to get a full night’s rest before a flight, especially if you’re like me and can’t afford Business class seats!

3. Wear Compression Stockings

Despite a family history of varicose veins, it was only in the past year that I started paying attention to the few veins starting to pop out. I started wearing compression stockings for flying and it’s made a huge difference. Apart from reducing the risk of DVT, I sleep better in the plane and my legs feel loads lighter upon arrival.

It’s not necessary to get expensive medical-grade compression socks unless your doctor has prescribed them. I prefer footless or open-toed thigh-high stockings for maximum comfort – check the most popular brands and prices.

4. Stretch

Nearly everyone I know prefers nonstop flights to get to their destination as quickly as possible, but it seems most cattle class seats are designed to destroy your posture. Well, not only are flights with stops cheaper, they also grant you the opportunity to stretch away stiff backs and in-flight meal bloat (and use a decent loo). Check out #airportyoga for inspiration!

Stay healthy while flying with a good stretch during layovers!
A good stretch will boost your circulation and energy levels.

5. Stay Away from Cold/Raw Food

See that smoothie that’s been sitting in ice for hours in the airport food court? Or that smoked salmon salad on your airplane meal tray? Don’t touch it. Not unless you want to be miserably bloated all through your plane ride (bloating feels a lot worse in a plane thanks to the lower cabin pressure) or worse still, end up with gastroenteritis or food poisoning.

The only exception I make is for yogurt, which the next tip explains…

6. Pack Probiotics

This is a great addition to your travel first aid kit that goes beyond plane travel. A serving of probiotics can provide much-needed relief when your gut isn’t behaving on the plane, or isn’t enjoying the exotic local cuisine as much as you do! Powders or capsules work equally well but these come in convenient blister packs and contain both Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium strains.

Stay healthy while flying: Fresh yogurt provides probiotics
No probiotics? Try fresh yogurt for your first breakfast in a new destination.

7. Brush Your Teeth

Your mouth is the first place where germs enter and breed. After a long flight with meals, sleep, and restricted access to water, you can be sure it’s filthy. Pack a toothbrush and toothpaste in your carry-on for long-haul flights so you can refresh your breath and at the same time, wash your hands thoroughly – not with a lazy soaping but like this – to keep those nasty airplane pathogens at bay.

Integrate these essential health habits into your air travel routine, and I guarantee you’ll no longer land at airports feeling like the cold, stale bun on your meal tray.

Of course, there are plenty more air travel tips to make flying more comfortable, such as investing in a good travel pillow or face mist. What habits do you have to optimize your health before a trip?



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